Three important factors of mobile ready web design

Mobile device use is growing faster than ever according to this recent USA Today article and a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers .  You already know the importance of reaching your on-the-go clients, but what about making a great first impression?  By using responsive design techniques, you will ensure that your website looks and performs its best on both today's large computer monitors and today's mobile devices.

Mobile growth


Here are three steps that are critical to how your website will display on today's mobile devices.

1. Using responsive design

It's important to have a website that has the ability to scale up or down depending on the size of the display the user has.  This eliminates horizontal scrolling, replaces sized down graphics with larger ones and gives the user an experience designed for the device they are on.

2. Ease of Use

Simple steps like eliminating a long complicated menu and replacing it with a menu icon that is easy to select on a small smartphone screen will ensure that your user stays on your site longer.

3. Clear call to action

Will your mobile users be looking for your address, a phone number or your latest sale?   Making sure that this is easy for your user to find is an important part of using your mobile friendly website to grow your business.